Our Story

SanJuanYachts, Anacortes, Wa

There are no titles on the business cards. Owner and founder Donald Campbell personally answers customer calls. As a founder of SanJuanYachts in 1998, Donald embraces a simple vision: Redefine what a motor yacht can be. Having spent a lifetime in the marine industry building vessels from America’s Cup racing yachts to 150-foot custom luxury yachts the time came to seek a new challenge. A hand selected team was brought together to do what each had always wanted: Focus on one yacht, one customer at a time.

The San Juan Islands and Anacortes delivered exactly what they were looking for. Uncharted territory. Excellent seaway access. And people with a passion for life and for boat building. These are the things that matter. The company attracts the best, employing shipwrights and craftsmen with dozens of years of yacht building experience. They work in a clean, light, modern space.  This is the heart of SanJuanYachts. Few owners have bought a SanJuanYacht without first visiting Anacortes. And most prospective customers who visit SanJuanYachts one day buy one. Many owners have owned several.