Performance that commands respect

At full throttle every arm hair is tuned to the supremely quiet thrum of the electronically synchronized twin engines. A slight input from the helm and she moves like a vessel a third her length. Responsive. Relentless. Smooth. Absolute control. Why? Because a thousand critical decisions were made painstakingly and correctly. The hull is one hundred percent composite construction: E-glass, Kevlar® and Corecell® foam core structure resin infused with vinlyester resin for superior strength. A revolutionary technology that SanJuanYachts has refined and reinvented because it did not exist in its current form. The process saves thousands of precious pounds so the craft responds faster. Sips less fuel. Performs like a sports car. A single baffled fuel tank is located amidships so trim is maintained regardless of fuel status. Hull shapes and propulsion are matched for solid tracking and dry rides across any sea, including the roughest. Systems are state of the art and of the type commonly found in yachts twice the size. The boat easily spins in its own length and gently kisses the fenders to the dock with a touch of the joy stick docking controls. The best of the past has been carried forward here, retooled, rethought, redesigned. Reinvented.