Yacht Outfitting

Every boat needs equipment

Welcome to San Juan Yachts Outfitting and Provisioning services.  Our renowned yachts designers have numerous awards in the industry, are based in the Seattle area and will help personalize your new yacht.

Our goal is to assist you in outfitting your SanJuanYacht, completely cruise ready, in order for you to begin enjoying your SanJuanYacht the minute you step aboard. We are happy to assist at any level and have performed extensive research including time aboard several SanJuanYachts and are very comfortable with the specific outfitting needs and necessities of each model.

We work with several suppliers and provide the best quality in custom bedding, kitchenware and accessories for your boat. If you have items that you wish to use from home, you may ship them to us and we can wash, install, alter or add them to other items you may need or desire. Embroidery and customizing bedding are a few of our most popular items. The extent of the services provided is strictly up to you.

Please feel free to contact us regarding our complete yacht outfitting service.